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10 Lock Covered Lockout Station


NOTE: Price shown is RRP for station only. Product is available with contents. Contents also sold separately.

Introducing our Covered Station for 10 Safety Padlocks, engineered for maximum durability and convenience in lockout/tagout procedures. Crafted from resilient polycarbonate, this station offers unparalleled heat resistance and impact strength, surpassing traditional stations. The translucent, lockable cover ensures protection from dust and prevents loss of equipment.

With reinforced snap-on clips, padlock and hasp storage and removal become effortless, streamlining your workflow. Its one-piece molded construction eliminates any risk of loose parts, guaranteeing long-lasting reliability.

Dimensions: 15-1/2in H x 22in W x 1-3/4in D (393mm x 558mm x 44mm)

Equip your workspace with the ultimate solution for safety padlock management.

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