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20 Padlock Lockout Station

  • Accommodates up to 20 padlocks for efficient lockout procedures
  • Built-in pockest ensures a ready stock of tags or lockout devices at all times
  • Tailored for machine-specific locations with common locks across multiple isolation points, enhancing practicality
  • Board allows for clear marking of isolation point codes, improving organization and clarity
  • Size: H 21" (535mm) x W 29" (735mm)

NOTE: Price shown is RRP for station only. Product is available with contents. Contents also sold separately.

The LSE106 is the ultimate solution for centralized lockout management, offering a dedicated station designed to hold lockout equipment in a central location for easy access to isolating tools. With bold headings, these stations serve as constant reminders to all personnel, promoting a culture of safety by encouraging the lockout process before commencing work. Crafted for durability in the toughest conditions, LSE106 is constructed with double-moulded polystyrene, ensuring robust performance and longevity.

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