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Forklift Lockout Kit


The VLKIT2 is an easy-to-use kit that can be used when a forklift is down, and needs locking out, and tagging out for maintenance work to be carried out in a safe and OSHA-compliant manner.

When a Forklift goes down, Lockout/Tagout procedures protect employees from injury and the company from OSHA fines and litigation. Our VLKIT2 is the perfect solution to ensure Forklifts can be locked out correctly when maintenance is required. The kit is easy to use, and makes it clear when the forklift is off-limits, protecting workers who are working on the damaged equipment.

This Kit contains:

  • (1)LOCKBAG01 Small Red Lockout Bag
  • (1)RSWC50 Steering Wheel Lockout Cover
  • (1)RS806 6' Adjustable Cable Lockout
  • (1)RLTT50 Single Lockout Tag "Do Not Operate"
  • (1)TT38RED Nylon Safety Padlock
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