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Ammo Box Lockout Kit


The ultimate solution for mobile group lockouts.

With the reinforced latch on Reece Safety's RGL12, you can carry all the equipment for your job in the ammo box itself. This kit is designed to give you all the equipment you would need to carry out a Group Lockout.

The LOCKBOXKIT1AL really does take the complex, out of Complex Isolations!

Available with Nylon or Aluminum locks.

This Kit contains:

  • (3) AL38RED Aluminum Safety Padlocks
  • (1) MLH5 1" Jaw Lockout Hasp
  • (1) MLH6 1 1/2" Jaw Lockout Hasp
  • (1) MG29370 Merlin Gerin Toggle Attachment
  • (1) UCL1 Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout
  • (1) UCL2 Moulded Case Breaker Lockout
  • (1) UCL5 Large Toggle Breaker Lockout
  • (1) RS806 6' Adjustable Cable Lockout
  • (2) RLTT50 Do Not Operate Tough Tags
  • (1) RGL12 Group Lockout Box

NOTE: All items in this kit can be purchased individually.

Unlock unparalleled convenience and safety with Reece Safety's LOCKBOXKIT1AL – the definitive solution for mobile group lockouts.

Engineered with a reinforced latch, this kit redefines efficiency by allowing you to carry all your essential equipment directly within the sturdy ammo box. Tailored for Group Lockouts, this lockout kit provides a comprehensive set of tools for a seamless and secure lockout procedure.

Choose between Nylon(LOCKBOXKIT1TT) or Aluminum locks(LOCKBOXKIT1TT) to match your preferences. This kit effortlessly takes the complexity out of complex isolations, ensuring that safety is never compromised on the move.

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Kit TypeElectrical
Padlock MaterialAluminium
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