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Lockout Box 150 W x 230 H With 1 Control Lock & 7 Secondary Locks

  • 150mm wide x 230mm high x 105mm deep
  • Constructed from 1.3mm mild steel and powder coated to BS361 Grey DEF STAN 80-161
  • High Quality Locks under a "key restricted profile" which means they can not be duplicated without authorisation
  • 7 unique secondary locks, marked A-G and a central control lock
  • Stainless steel hinge wire is extended to form a key bar, the free end of the key bar is trapped when the safe door is locked
  • 2 loose mounted internal shelves, equally spaced within the key safe
  • Two 6.5mm keyhole type fixing slots are provided in the back plate of the unit for wall mounting
  • The clear window in the door is made from 3mm acrylic, which is designed to permit entry to the safe by breaking, in case of emergency
  • All secondary locks are unique and are supplied complete with a brass tag, engraved with the key safe number and secondary lock identification
  • Control key lock numbers are recorded for repeat orders

Safety lockout boxes are ideal for group lockout situations. After the equipment to be worked on has been locked off, all lockout keys/fuses etc are placed inside the lockout box and locked by the responsible person using the control key. Each worker then removes and retains a secondary key ensuring access cannot be gained to the keys/fuses etc inside until all work is completed and all secondary keys returned. Only when all secondary keys are in position, can the responsible person open the lockout box using the control key.


TYPE2 - W 150mm x H 230mm x D 105mm with 1 control lock and 7 secondary locks


  • Control key can be withdrawn in the locked and unlocked positions
  • Secondary keys are captive and can only be withdrawn when in the locked position
  • Control keys can be 'keyed alike' for multiple boxes under the control of the responsible person
  • External captive key rail which is locked in place when door is closed
  • All keys are provided with brass identification tags
  • All secondary keys are 'keyed to differ'
  • All control lock numbers are recorded
  • Each box is numbered
  • Can be used in conjunction with Key Exchange Unit to extend numbers of keys needed for higher numbers of involved personnel


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