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Lockout Kit for Electricians


This Kit contains:

  • (2) TT38RED Nylon Saferty Padlock
  • (1) MLH5 1" Jaw Safety Hasp
  • 1) CB09 277 Volt Single-Pole Circuit Breaker Lockout Device
  • (1) CLT1 Cleat for CB09
  • (1) CB10 460/600V Double-pole Circuit Breaker Lockout Device
  • (1) CLT2 Cleat for CB10
  • (1) CB08 MCB Adjustable Thumb-wheel Lockout Device
  • (1) CB01 Single-pole Circuit Breaker Lockout
  • (2) RLTT50 Danger Do Not Operate Tough Tags
  • (1) LOCKBAG01 Medium Lockout Pouch

NOTE: All the items in this kit can be purchased individually.

ELEC-KIT-01 includes a range of essential components for electrical lockout, such as plastic padlocks, hasps, tags, and various devices. Designed for convenience, all these items neatly fit inside the provided zippered pouch, ensuring easy storage and quick access when needed.

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