Reece Safety enjoys an established reputation as the leading Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) distributor in the UK. The company designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of specialised products developed and selected to promote the highest standards of lockout safety in the workplace.

Researching the market

In 2016, calling on well over a decade of experience in the UK market, Reece Safety MD Andy Graham first visited the US to research the possibilities for bringing LOTO products manufactured by Reece to one of the world’s largest marketplaces. This initial research highlighted a number of differences in the US market and led Reece to develop and introduce the AL38 aluminium padlock in 2017, developed specifically to match US requirements.

Reece Safety International becomes a presence in the US market

Alec Graham

Armed with this new development and the existing proven Reece Safety LOTO product range, the company began to make inroads into the diverse US market. Growth was steady and promising, but the global pandemic led to a short-term hiatus. Early in 2021, as the effects of the pandemic receded, Reece Safety resumed plans to further increase US trade. By 2022, Andy’s son Alec Graham had been appointed to manage this growth, working initially from the UK. In 2023, the business had grown to support Alec moving to Dallas full-time to direct the activities of Reece Safety International.

Reece Safety International is now going from strength to strength in the US market, selling through a network of established distributors of safety-related products. Both distributors and end users are benefiting from access to immediate availability and fast delivery of a wide range of high-quality, competitively priced LOTO products.

Meeting the challenges of the US market

In the US, LOTO falls under the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health) standard 1910.147 standard, which relates to ‘Control of Hazardous Energy’. This is a ‘Performance Standard’ and not a ‘Specification Standard’, which means compliance is required but OSHA does not give specific guidelines as there is no ‘one size fits all’ for LOTO. This is where Reece Safety International is making a real difference. As a specialised manufacturer, Reece has the knowledge and expertise to guide both distributors and their end users in making correct and informed decisions on equipment.

Key Reece products for American markets

Padlocks are integral to the LOTO process, and aluminium padlocks are extremely popular in the US market, matching the requirements of colour coding in lockout procedures and also providing advanced levels of durability as a safety lock. Reece Safety developed the AL38 range to meet these specific requirements. Featuring an aluminium body and steel shackle and available in a choice of anodised colours, the range offers differing shackle clearances as well as key retaining, non-magnetic and non-sparking properties.

Alec Graham comments on other key products proving popular in the US. “We’re seeing consistent demand for the TT38, which is a nylon body safety padlock with steel shackle, as well as the MLH5 and MLH6 scissor action lockout hasps, RLTT50 ‘Danger – do not operate’ tags and the RGL12 lock group lockout box,” he commented “Cable lockout is becoming increasingly popular too, and Reece is seeing steady demand for the RS806 adjustable cable lockout devices. My personal favourite product is the MLH1 stainless steel lockout hasp, which can’t be easily overridden and opened without removing the padlocks. This level of product security clearly demonstrates Reece Safety’s ongoing commitment to developing quality products that materially improve people lockout procedures.”

Focus on knowledge, fast delivery and distributor support

In the UK, Reece Safety built a reputation for product quality, market expertise, willingness to share knowledge and ensuring fast and consistent lead times to match market demand. The company has mirrored this approach in the US, providing its network of distributors with fast and reliable access to quality LOTO products, including ready-made lockout tagout kits, industry knowledge and a value-added approach to market requirements.

Growing the business

This approach is reaping rewards. Since Alec took up his role as a sales manager in 2022, the stateside business has grown exponentially and shows no sign of slowing down. Reece Safety is now represented in twenty-six states across the US, working from warehouse premises in Houston. It’s a slick and polished operation, working with independent distributors who value the fast response and breadth of product knowledge offered by Reece.

“My goal is to take Reece right to the top as the number 1 Lockout Tagout manufacturer in North America,” stated Alec. “Alongside our great range of Lockout products, I aim to achieve this by ensuring we maintain our growing reputation as a business that is easy to deal with, knowledgeable in our category and continues to develop and build on our range of Lockout solutions for end users.”

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